Safety Analysis - Principles and practice

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References to the second edition of Safety analysis - Principles and practice in occupational safety. Lars Harms-Ringdahl, published by Taylor& Francis, London, 2001.
The total number of references is 148, some are directly available on the Internet. Note that addresses are changing and some may be outdated.

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link CEC 1989

CEC, 1989. Introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work. (Directive 89/391/EC). Council of the European Communities, Brussels.

link CEC1998

CEC, 1989/98. Laws of the Member States relating to machinery. (Directive 89/392/EC and 98/37/EC) Council of the European Communities, Brussels.

link EMAS

CEC, 1993. The EC Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Council of the European Communities, 1836/93, Brussels.

link CEC1996

CEC, 1996. Control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances (Council Directive 96/82/EC). Council of the European Union, Brussels.


Dorman, P., 2000. The Economics of Safety, Health, and Well-Being at Work: An Overview. International Labour Office, Geneva.

pdf EPA

EPA, 1990. The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington. (A link to the Act itself not found , try also at EPA.)

pdf 41k

Harms-Ringdahl L., 1999. On the modelling and characterisation of safety functions. In Schueller, G.I. and Kafka, P. (eds). Safety and Reliability ESREL'99. Balkema, Rotterdam, 1459-1462.

pdf 62k

Harms-Ringdahl, L., 2000. Assessment of safety functions at an industrial workplace - a case study. In Cottam, M.P., Harvey, D.W., Pape, R.P., and Tait, J. (eds): Foresight and Precaution, ESREL2000. Balkema, Edinburgh, 1373-1378.

Krug, E. (ed.), 1999. Injury: A Leading Cause of the Global Burden of Disease. Violence and Injury Prevention Team, World Health Organization, Geneva. (Reference not found this time at the - someone knows the URL?)

link SKI

Svenson, O., 2000. Accident Evolution and Barrier Function (AEB) Method - Manual for Accident Analysis. Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, Stockholm. See comment below

pdf ILO

Takala, J. 1998. Global estimates of fatal occupational accidents. Sixteenth International Conference of Labour Statisticians, International Labour Office, Geneva.

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link SKI Svensson, 2000. Go to the web page and choose Research reports and after that Year 2000, and find the publication in the list